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Marketing must knows

7 Digital Marketing must knows
  1. Build your credibility before you begin selling via social media. (Have your internal systems setup and have those recommendations on the website).
  2. Allow your staff to participate in an open (but administrated) access to utilise their Twitter and blogging networks, (you never know who they know).
  3. Broadcast emails are not effective. Personalisation is the keyword for 2019, you need to create relevancy and be helpful. 
  4. By using your Facebook fan page to promote key content of your email newsletter you get to repurpose your content, you get a broader coverage.
  5. Join the right conversations and at the right time, through really understanding your Buyer personas. 
  6. Improve your investment on search spending by using data from further down the sales funnel giving you more honed data sets.
  7. Invest in social media. Social Media is not free, as discussed in a previous blog 6 mis-conceptions of social-media.

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