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Your on-call Marketing Expert

You can now have your very on on-call Marketing Expert!!!
That’s right, with this Millan Offer you can have your very own Marketing Expert, ON CALL!

Have you ever wished you had a trusted marketing advisor to run ideas by, get insight, accountability or advice without the commitment of hiring someone full time? Well Now You Do!! For the very first time we are offering “Call-a-Marketing-Expert” Packages for business owners like you who aren’t quite ready for a full time consultant or Marketing staff but need help sometimes!

Get advice, recommendations and tips on:

  1. Marketing campaigns (Which ones are you going to dedicate resources to?)
  2. The best places to advertise (Are trade magazines still in your tool box)
  3. Networking tips and ideas (Which groups should you belong to?)
  4. Public relations ideas and advice (How do you get those advertorials?)
  5. Pricing strategies (Are you leaving money on the table?)
  6. Messaging and branding (Will it match your USP?)
  7. Social media strategies (What are you going to talk about?)
  8. Website and blogging advice (What content best suits your ideal client)
  9. Sales strategies (What is a SQL?)
  10. Accountability (Marketing Sales handover)

As well as any other marketing questions you have!

This is a big deal!!!

Use promotional code “Smart Marketer” to take advantage of this very special offer.

Are You Ready To Make More Money???

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