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Setting up for Qualified Lead Generation

Our consultancy services ensure you get the right technology to solve the problems of alignment between your sales and marketing.

Often this begins with defining your marketing mix objectives, working out what common goals are between sales and marketing that needs to be corrected, and then what technology you need to do it.

These Audits are the stages that we carry out which will ensure you are on track for smooth and cost-efficient implementation:

Strategic Data, Marketing and Sales Review – defining the overarching strategic goals that are driving the lead generation activities and how a move to lead tracking technology that will work in your environment.

Setting Objectives and Understanding Requirements – we define what the business wants to achieve from the marketing alignment project and then use those objectives to ensure the project remains within scope during the requirements specification stages.

Sales and Marketing Process Analysis – your processes need to be mapped and properly understood to get a good match between sales and marketing and to the marketing analytics software.

Data and System Mapping – Flow and Integration – it is important to understand how your prospect and customer data will flow and integrate, across systems and within a system. Working this out and the business rules that underpin your data flow and integration, should be done before the implementation begins. That ensures you’re not deciding your business rules, while expensive software developers are standing by.

Managing Users Through Change – many of these types of systems require people to work in a different way than they did before. It is important to have a programme in place to ensure your new system is accepted by its users.

Creating Marketing Requirement Specifications – we will create detailed marketing/sales specification documents. We will assist with defining the implementation process and the timings.

Project Management of the Implementation – if required, we work with you throughout the implementation to ensure the implementation stays on track and goes smoothly.

The best way to find out whether we can help is to give us a call or send us an email and we can arrange a time to speak on the phone. Then you can hear how we work, and we can establish whether we can help you achieve an increase in qualified sales leads with marketing aligned with sales.

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