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Marketing Automation

Effectively move leads through the buying cycle.

Your prospective buyers research websites, reach out on social media, open targeted email, listen in on chats, click interesting ads, attend virtual events, and watch videos — all for the sake of gaining intelligence about potential solutions and making decisions about the suitability of these solutions. Millan provides marketing automation services and technologies that provide a proven and cost effective way to engage prospects with your company and keep them interacting with you until they are sales ready.
These tools include:

  •  Database management
  •  Email marketing engine
  •  Automated programs
  •  Lead scoring
  •  Landing pages
  •  Forms
  •  Website visitor tracking
  •  CRM integration
  •  Web event integration
  •  Social marketing
  •  Analytics and reporting

Keep your prospects and clients engaged.

Keep your prospective buyers and clients engaged and give them an excellent personal experience that leads to higher closing rates.

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