Millan Marketing

"Delivering measurable marketing results"


Millan Marketing is a provider of technical marketing services with real world expertise in the business to business sector specialising in qualified lead generation for complex products being delivered to market.

We focus on developing your marketing & sales alignment.
Providing ‘Qualified’ lead generation and marketing integration with sales; in assisting companies to increase their return on their marketing strategies with their Sales force.

Our service is tailored to your unique requirements, flexibility, and the ability to lead you through Marketing Sales Alignment.

CALL TO DISCUSS how Millan Marketing’s extensive experience can help you with questions like:

– What is the right direction and focus for future profit growth?

– How do we make our marketing worth more and give ROI in the long term?

– Is our pricing and go to market right?

– How can I spend less time working in my business and earn even more?

– Is the Sales organisation structure and people right for the future? Are Sales receiving Qualified Leads from Marketing?

– What are we overlooking in our major events and marketing campaigns?

– How should we be using Social media?


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