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Marketing Speaker and Trainer

Richard Brearley is the Industrial marketer’s marketer, with acumen for small and medium businesses. His workshops and presentations combine foundational understanding with actionable tactics. Workshop attendees leave with specific actions and plans, with an understanding of how that plan will work.

He is an experienced speaker and presenter, having spoken and conducted workshops on national and international stages. His presentations and workshops are based on the Four Essential Spots of Marketing: Branding, Experience, Conversation, and Promotion.

Richard is versatile and can present short speeches on particular topic or up to full-day workshops* that help Industrial marketer’s build marketing plans that create sustainable, thriving businesses.

His Workshops include:

• Build an Awesome Brand Half-Day Workshop

• The Industrial Edge:- Deep Branding Full-Day Workshop

• Creating and Mapping a Remarkable Customer Experience

• Creating Conversation: Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth and Social Media

• Advertising Success: Courting Customers

*Workshops and presentations can be customized for your event.


To contact Richard to talk about your event:

(03) 8669-1162 0401 711959