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1. Social Media is Inexpensive.

False: The difference with social media is that it trades the cost of media for a labour cost. The unforgettable truth is that to do social media correctly, such as a modest Linkedin post – is a time intensive activity that will require regular effort.

2. Social Media is Quick

False: Social media is slow. Social media is about nurturing and developing meaningful relationships with current clients and potential customers. To succeed you have to create meaningful targeted content. Ensure you are in many market niche communities. It has been shown that successful social media programs may take months or more to really develop.

3. Social Media is “Viral Marketing”

False: Can your social media program go viral? Unquestionably it possibly could. But if you are engaging in social media to go “viral”; you are just involved in an advertising and promotional campaign. You are not targeting your market niche.

4. Social Media results can’t be measured

False. This is the big winner for marketing managers they now can measure everything they do; especially if you compare this to the classic communication programs like PR, TV advertising, Magazines and others, social media will provide solid metrics. There are many social media software packages which can provide reporting on the influence of your social media blogs.

5. Social Media is non-compulsory

It doesn’t matter what the niche of your targeted prospects are. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Your clients and prospects can and will be talking about your company online. Your company needs to be part of that conversation, now. Be where your clients and prospects are.

6. Social media is hard

False. It’s not hard, it’s complex. That’s because of the proliferation of social networks, sharing sites, etc. Social media is not about Facebook or Linkedin or Twitter or YouTube. It’s about developing a strategy to make your company more like a person and less like a machine.

If you can make clients and prospects feel that they know your company and it feels more human, they’ll want to be part of it. It’s getting the brand engagement that we should be seeking.

As something to leave you with, whatever software technology you decide on be it one or two and stick to them. Don’t try the big steps, small steps are ok when doing Social Media Marketing. t

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