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Act-On Software Consulting

Millan has stepped up its involvement with Act-On Software, and is now providing Act-On consulting services.

The question is are your campaigns not living up to their promise?

Millan offers an Act-On managed services package that includes:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Best practices consulting
  • Campaign management and administration
  • Program execution
  • Training
  • Content creation
  • Targeting and list segmentation
  • Reporting
  • Templates, emails and landing pages
  • Testing, QA and optimization

Clean your data with a CRM and Act-On Audit

Is data between Act-On Software and your CRM out of date and not reliable?

Are their inconsistencies in your reports or your CRM?
Millan offers an audit that will:

  • Deliver clean data between Act-On Software and your CRM
  • Report the right metrics
  • Integrate your CRM with Act-On
  • Deliver a best practice audit that covers programs, scoring rules, fields (account, prospect), connectors, forms, and user activity

Deliver qualified leads with a custom-built program

Does your marketing need help building out a program in marketing automation Software?

Millan specialises in specific programs that will deliver quality leads to sales.
The programs include:

  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead capture and custom forms
  • Closed loop marketing


Millan is a marketing automation agency focused on helping marketing and sales get the most from their Demand & Lead generation tools.
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