Millan Marketing

"Delivering measurable marketing results"

About Millan

Millan Marketing specialises in providing Integrated Strategic Marketing Services to Distributors and Resellers of complex and technical products.
Founded by Richard Brearley, Millan Marketing provides a range of outsourced B2B services from our base in Melbourne, providing ongoing marketing planning, implementation and guidance. We build long term relationships with our clients, providing a quality of service that encourages word of mouth and repeat business.

 We help Resellers & Distributors connect with Business’ in the increasingly digital world. A lot more than digital, we create integrated marketing solutions driven by marketing automation insights and analytics.

Our expertise includes market analysis, market insights, marketing strategy and correct promotional mix, integrated marketing communications campaigns, digital strategy implemented through marketing automation and CRM.

Since our inception we have helped business’ to deliver on:

  • Business Marketing strategy
  • Build knowledge within Sales, Social communities and using engaging content programs and engagement programs
  • Attract talent leads and nurturing programmes using strategic targeted automated attraction marketing solutions

Richard Brearley

Richard Brearley

A  marketing professional of over 20 years specialising in B2B marketing for Industrial, Technology and professional services companies across a diverse range of industries. He has a proven track record for creating cost-effective, results-oriented marketing programs that build brand, market awareness and generate qualified sales leads. Richard has extensive experience bringing new products and services to market and supporting them through the product lifecycle. Richard provides a close working relationship with the internal team; to develop strategic (and cost effective) marketing plans and campaigns that align with business objectives and deliver tangible results.

Richard has considerable experience in marketing and digital marketing strategy consulting. Whilst specialising in providing advice to technology and industrial businesses, he is well versed in the alignment of Sales and Marketing programmes to generate qualified leads and to get the most out of events and campaigns.

A technically savvy Marketing specialist with proven experience in delivering effective outcomes through the development and implementation of innovative business to business marketing strategies. Well known for creating cost effective, results oriented marketing programs that build widespread and targeted brand awareness. With significant experience introducing new products and services to the communications market, Richard also has proven skills in supporting them throughout the product life cycle. Possessing a strong degree of business acumen, Richard is dedicated to producing winning marketing strategies that achieve organisational goals; and deliver results through the sales organisation.