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align-sales-marketingCollaborating effectively with your sales team is essential to achieving success with inbound marketing. However, getting sales on board with your inbound efforts can sometimes be quite challenging. It has been shown that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment grew their annual revenue. If your company wasn’t one of them, it is time to start and to look at:

  • Why marketing needs to train sales
  • What sales needs from marketing in terms of qualified leads.
  • How to bring marketing and sales closer together
  • How to define your company’s Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

How do you create a marketing mindset?

What do marketers hear most of the time from sales:

  • “There aren’t enough leads coming in the door”
  • “The leads that do come in are appalling”
  • “Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) never close”

A disconnect between Sales and Marketing has grown over time making it difficult to communicate strategies effectively. Sales may be unaware of your current marketing efforts and the far-reaching changes marketing has made to the quality of your leads. Sales still thinks of marketing in terms of your promotional efforts which they can’t measure or prove its effectiveness.

It is our job to take the first step in aligning sales and marketing into one big, happy family. We need to re-educate sales and show them marketing is on their side.

So what does Sales Need from Marketing? 

Sales needs only a few things from Marketing in order to feel satisfied:

  1. An increase in lead volume
  2. Improvement of lead quality
  3. Greater insight into lead information
  4. Measurement of lead close rates

So How Can Marketing Help Sales

As inbound marketers we can give sales everything they dream of by:

  1. Increasing lead volume by creating optimised top of the buying cycle content like blogs, podcasts, videos, presentations, ebooks, and news releases to drive qualified traffic to the website that can be captured as leads
  2. Promoting new content to social media and through email campaigns to drive awareness and gain more traffic to the site that can convert into leads
  3. Optimising the content we create so that the right visitors find the website. This means using keywords and other site optimisation strategies to get found in search engines. Let’s say it’s a website of online gaming,so the important thing to do , is first identify your target, and start moving in the marketing with the right market, so in this case look for the interested people in new technologies and gaming services, you might find out more about professional gamers, this is a huge target and you will get the right visitors to your page.
  4. Nurturing leads to get them to take the next step in the buying process thusly creating a faster sales cycle
  5. Integrating the CRM to the marketing automation system so that sales sees a complete picture of the lead’s lifecycle. This will show them the leads’ activity so that all follow-ups can be customised
  6. Measuring each campaign to show whether or not it worked. Sales can work with you to provide information on what they believe a qualified lead will need before committing to buy. When you run the campaign, you can share the data to encourage even more brainstorming and involvement between each team
  7. Collaborating on what creates a Marketing Qualified Lead. Sales knows their audience and what they need better than most teams. Use this to your company’s advantage. Work together to develop the most defined MQL and then target them with your inbound efforts

So start now it is never too late to start the journey of Marketing Sales Alignment!

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